Wood Forest Products

from the best producers
to the best clients


We are able to offer excellent daily attention to our clients by providing real-time answers on the status of their orders, whether their goods are coming from Europe, the United States or Africa.


From the logistics point of view, thanks to the support of the best maritime shipping companies, we provide customized delivery solutions to any country in the world. We also employ combined transports that involve shipping by sea, rail and truck to ensure an accurate delivery time to our clients’ warehouses.


Thanks to many years of experience and specialization in the industry, we can count on an exceptionally knowledgeable and competent team, able to offer support and advice to our clients on the highest quality products and the very best solutions when supplying our products.




global production


clients in 42 countries

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From the best producers…

The incredibly high degree of professionalism from our team enables us to follow, from the forests directly to our clients, wood products originating from the United States, Africa, Austria and Romania, always carefully choosing from the highest quality products for a clientele selected over many years and located in 42 countries around the world.

The expertise, reliability, determination and work implemented daily by our team makes Timtrade the perfect business partner. Through a well-organized network in 4 continents, Timtrade offers an expert knowledge of the marketplace and a direct contact from the production to the clientele, thus being competent in interpreting the needs and anticipate the continuous evolution of the market trends.

…to the best clients

Through our expertise in logistics, (we directly collaborate with major maritime companies, such as Maersk, CMA CGM Group, MSC, etc.), Timtrade is able to bring together, in a competitive way, the best producers to the best clientele selected in the areas where we conduct our business.

We are present in countries which span from Latin America to South East Asia, going through the Middle East, boasting a staff that can assist all different clients by communicating in their native language and, above all, is able to understand their needs in every aspect, their business customs and culture.

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